Anzelika Krastina

Anzelika Krastina

Tutor Teacher, Latvia

As a university educator for almost 15 years I truly believe that young people have great inner potential for entrepreneurship and innovations. It is our task to unlock this potential and create an environment where young talents can flourish.

Often the fear to make a mistake and fail is a greatest barrier to all great entrepreneurial ideas and innovations. Therefore, the story of IBL is a story about the fear…or overcoming the deepest fear! The fear of an action that will result in failure, disappointment, frustration and judgment.

Entrepreneurship and innovation is about overcoming that deepest fear! One will overcome it only through an action, by getting out of own comfort zone – traditional class room. Come and act! Business success is a result of lessons learnt from past failures. InnoBarentsLab (IBL) is a safe place to fail! This is what I hope will add to the traditional learning of our student. Not necessarily, all of IBL participants will become entrepreneurs, but certainly all of them will become entrepreneurial in some way, the skill that will be needed in their life in any kind of endeavor. This unique opportunity of giving students a possibility to experience innovation and entrepreneurship outside traditional class-room setting has been my personal dream as an educator.

In my young age of 25 I established my own company, learned entrepreneurship by own bumps and only later I realised that it was the best learning one can have. To create such an environment that would give the students a possibility to gain real-life experience and at the same time to combine it with the studies was possible within ENPI Kolarctic project “Young Innovative Entrepreneurs” by creating the unit called InnoBarentsLab. Many students gladly joined the journey full of risks and unexpected turns…the journey of overcoming the fear goes on! We welcome everyone in our lab, everyone who needs that starting boost for any kind of initiative one has in mind!

“We are all meant to shine as children do. It’s not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others” (from movie “Coach Carter)

Katarina Holla

Katarina Holla

Leader, Former Member, Slovakia

As a former exchange student at Lapland UAS which fell in love with Finland, Lappish nature and most importantly the way of teaching at the university, I decided the best way to develop myself is back here in Rovaniemi. Right now I am doing my internship as a Project Manager Assistant at Lapland UAS and participating in IBL team work.

I am an open minded person who is not afraid to face new challenges, loves to learn new things and earn new skills but also a perfectionist who likes to have the work done.

InnoBarentsLab gave me the possibility to organize event of my own choice, participate and learn how to work in the team and provided me with energetic atmosphere during the working process which is even forcing you to be creative and productive! I am happy I got the chance to be a member of such an enthusiastic team of young people which are booming with all the new and innovative ideas!

Nina Niskala

Nina Niskala

Marketing leader, Active member, Finland

A student in Lapland UAS, Degree Programme in International Business since autumn 2014. Was born in Rovaniemi 1993, active member in IBL since November 2015, part of Marketing team since February 2016, and became Marketing team leader in March 2016. In Autumn 2016 proceeded to be a student leader of IBL.

”Enthusiastic music and sports fan, who loves explore new things. Has good communication skills, and is supportive team member who loves to get to know people from different cultures. And yes, coffee is the best thing in the morning!”

”I am really proud to be part of InnoBarentsLab, because it offers valuable experiences for future working life, chance to improve personal skills (presentation, communication) and also build business relationships and friendships across borders.”

Joining InnoBarentsLab and its various projects definitely took me out of my previous comfort zone, which has been probably the best thing while working with these awesome people! I truly think that best things happen when you try something completely new and develop yourself!

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein

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Laura Ukkola

Laura Ukkola

Marketing leader, Active Member, Finland

Nice to meet you!

My name is Laura and I study Tourism in Lapland University of Applied Sciences. I joined IBL in March 2015 on my first year of study and I have been an active member since.

If I were to describe myself I would be a culture enthusiast. I love trying out new foods, getting to understand traditions and cultural values as well as learning history behind phenomenon.  On my free time I read a lot of stories, listen to talks and watch documentaries.

Due to my interests I have participated in projects such as Restaurant day and Flea market, taking mostly the role of a cashier and a general assistant.  I am a very customer-oriented and motivated group member; I attend meetings regularly, I am not afraid to give or receive criticism and I do my tasks when needed to.

IBL has offered me a great place and peer group to freely discuss project plans and ideas, take tasks in accordance to my own set of skills and to get feedback on projects. Greatest part of being a member has been to be able to take part in projects freely when there is an interest for it and by sharing experiences with my fellow members I have also gained a lot of courage and entrepreneurial attitude to create my own projects.

An Tran

An Tran

Active member, Former Member, Vietnam

Born and raised in Ho Chi Minh City, but gleam and glow in the Arctic North (just like my name AN!). I am almost everything I ever want to be at my 20: an energetic student at Lapland UAS, a passionate amateur cook-baker, and a former bartender, an unprofessional gamer and last but not least, a creative member of InnoBarentsLab. I started my journey at InnoBarentsLab a year ago with the Design and Marketing team, then the Head of External Relations and I am a project leader at the moment.

Ahmed Al – Janahi

Ahmed Al – Janahi

2015, Former Member, Iraq

Iraq – first year student – Lapland University of applied sciences Rovaniemi, Finland

I hope that everyone are doing great

I would like to give my power wnolge as much as I can to work a relations and planning leader of excellent team which is InnBarentsLab IBL And studying International Business in Lapland University of Applied Sciences.

I have been a part of several international projects (give back to Finland, break the ice, etc.) and I decided that to devote myself and helping people from the Rovaniemi – Finland and other international student for this career path of Project and Event management. Additionally, I am interested in relationship communications and coordinator with students as I have experienced with my old university field and enjoy working with different people and different culture pretty much.


Duong Oanh

Duong Oanh

Former Member, Vietnam

Autumn 2015

As one of students of Innovative Business Service in Lapland UAS, I’m really pleasure to be a part of InnoBarentsLab as a Marketing Leader for several months. It is a great opportunity for me to gain more experiences in working under a professional environment. My slogan is “Work hard will never betray us”. Therefore, I believe that if we put all enthusiasm and talents into our works, we will be able to receive the deserved reward, even if we are falling into the worst situation.

With my previous experiences about customer service, work organizing and time arrangement when I worked in the field of hospitality before I came to IBL, I believe myself can contribute to build a stronger IBL team in term of Marketing Leader. In addition, learning as much as possible from others and what we have done is also one of my main purposes when I come here. I hope that we can be together to create more and more amazing projects for all of the Lapland students and make our study life in here more joyful and meaningful.

Nikita Litvinchik

Nikita Litvinchik

Marketing Team, Former Member, Russia
“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”
Henry Ford

A student in Lapland University of Applied Sciences since 2012 ( Bachelor of Business Administration). Was born in small border town Kovdor, Murmansk region. Became a free volunteer in InnoBarentsLab from 2014 and nowadays staying as active Marketing Team worker.

-“I am very glad to be a part of such strong and perspective organization as InnoBarentsLab – place where I can develop and express myself, especially as business person. It is great to be useful to society and to stay as part of the intercultural team. That is a “factory” full of cool things and ideas”.

Nikita is an optimistic and stress-resistant person with huge interest in sport ( swimming, boxing, football, practicing floorball game as well ), possessing some artistic skills (guitar playing and singing, beatboxing ) and looking for opportunities of developing entrepreneurial habits, abilities in future. Very communicative, long-term oriented and excellent team player.

– “Challenges? Let’s face them together! “

Maria Ollila

Maria Ollila

Student Leader, Former Member, Finland

I’m Maria and current student leader of InnoBarentsLab. I’m studying Innovative Business Service in Lapland University of Applied Sciences. Originally I’m from small municipality called Muonio but I moved to Rovaniemi when I was 16 for vocational upper secondary school. I graduated 2013 as Baker and Pastry Chef.

As a person, I’m perfectionist who wants everything to be in order but I’m also a very hard worker and not afraid of the challenge. In my job as cabin cleaner I have learnt to be quick but at the same time be also really careful.

In the future I hope I can stay in Lapland, since my home is there and I don’t want to live anywhere else.

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