Name: Teddy Bear Project
Where: Rovaniemi-Murmansk
When: December 2012
Meaning: Bring joy to the children hospital in Murmansk by donating teddy bears from them. People from Rovaniemi could bring their teddy bears to Prisma and then IBL transferred them to Murmansk.

Within InnoBarentsLab (IBL) we have accomplished our first cross-border project called ”Teddy Bear”. This time it is not about great profits, but it has to do with so called social entrepreneurship which aims to deal with social problems. We heard from the news in Finland about the luck of toys for children in hospitals in Murmansk and decided that we could do something about it. So, we collected the toys and delivered them to Murmansk. This project could be also called a social innovation as it required a lot of creativity from collecting the toys and then delivering them across the border to the final users – children in Murmansk hospital, who, sadly, have to spend their Christmas and celebration of New Year in hospital. Hopefully the toys of Finnish children sent to Russian kids will make this time a bit happier for little ones. We would like to thank Prisma in Rovaniemi and Murmansk children hospital for great cooperation! Also thanks to our YIE, it became possible and our first cross-border mission is accomplished! We hope to carry out similar project annually. We wish to all a happy New Year and ”a little smile, a word of cheer and a bit of love from someone near!” IBL project team