Name: Strengthening the North Conference
Where: Rovaniemi
When: 7.12.2011
Meaning: Bring together entrepreneurs and students all over the Barents region and show them new opportunities which lies in the North.

December 7, 2011
Borealis Auditorium, Ramk

A unique opportunity to network and discover new possibilities in the North. Delivered by ThinkBarents and Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences, Innovative Business Services team. Speakers from Norway, Russia and Finland.

Olga Buch, General Director of the Arctic Center, Russia
Kåre Nilsen, Direktør, EnergiCampus Nord, Norway
Henk Horden, Human Resource Manager, FQM Kevitsa Mining Oy, Finland
Mikko Saarinen, General Secretary of World Cup Levi, Finland
Martti Hahl, President of Barents Center, Finland
Veikko Kärnä, Principal Lecturer, Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences, Finland
Matti Lempiäinen, Director of International Affairs Development, RAMK, Finland
Regis Rouge-Oikarinen, ThinkBarents
Heli Huhanantti, conference team, Innovative Business Services