Name: Recruitment Event for Russian Speaking Jobseekers
Where: Rovaniemi
When: October 2012, October 2013
Meaning: Help local entrepreneurs to recruit people who speak Russian for the winter.

Rovaniemi Regional Development Agency Ltd together in cooperation with Young Innovative Entrepreneurs Project (Rovaniemi) / IBL and Employment and Economic Development Office.

Wednesday 31.10.2012, Young Innovative Entrepreneur project (YIE) in cooperation with Rovaniemi Development Agency organized a Matchmaking event for Russian speaking jobseekers in Hotel Santa Claus. Young Innovative Entrepreneurs is an international project through witch RAMK students studying Business administration and IBS have created InnoBarentsLab. InnoBarentsLab has just started operating, and in the future it hopes to become a support system for young entrepreneurs. So far it has organized several events including the one mentioned above.

In the recruitment event travel agencies among other companies got to meet much needed Russian speaking jobseekers. This kind of event helped to bring together companies with the required work force. This was the third, very successful, matchmaking event organized by Rovaniemi Development Agency. With the help of InnoBarentsLab the event got even more response. 18 companies and 51 jobseekers took part in the event. Companies taking part in the event were Park, Staffpoint, Prisma, Arktikum, Arctic Connect, Santa Clauses mainpost, City Hotelli, Safartica and Fintravel Tour Operators Oy among others