Name: Barents Reunion and Barents Business Festival
Where: Tornio
When: June 2014
Meaning: Getting inspiration from great speakers and presenting IBL in Barents Business Festival
What we were doing: InnoBarentsLab were presenting themselves at the Barents Business Festival.

Check out Tien and Le Na’s story from the Tornio

Barents Reunion

We promote cooperation between people living within the Barents Region by enhancing cross-border activities. Our work contributes to increase mutual understanding among the people of the Barents Region.

In connection with the inauguration of IKEA HaparandaTornio, Ingvar Kamprad donated 1 million SEK per year throughout the period 2007-2016 to fund an annual convention, Barents Reunion. Different cultural activities and happenings are also taking place during the convention. All activities are aiming to highlight the cultural richness of the region.

Barents Business Festival

Barents Business Festival on 3rd – 4th June 2014 is the main event of the Young Innovative Entrepreneurs (YIE) project, partially financed by Kolarctic ENPI programme. The event will be held as a side event to the annual Barents Reunion *) (financed by IKEA).
The Barents Business Festival area will give participants an opportunity to exhibit their businesses. We aim to create an environment which would function also in “passive” state, as we hope our entrepreneurs can follow the Reunion programme as much as possible. During & after the Reunion we can arrange business dates (developing a catalogue + web site of participants before the event).

Sources: Barents Reunion Website and Barents Business Festival Blog

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