Name: Arctic Business Forum
Where: Rovaniemi
When: Winter 2012, 2013 and 2014
What we did: We were there as hired labour force, and we took care of small things


The 5th Arctic Business Forum in Rovaniemi, March 11–13 shares information on challenges to investment and business in the European High North and arctic region. Organized yearly by Lapland Chamber of Commerce.

The Arctic regions have become of bigger interest and matter in a global scale. Due to vast natural resources and melting of Arctic sea ice, the area is in many ways facing a new challenging era.

Businesswise the European High North has become an exciting new destination for investments. Northern areas of Finland, Sweden, Norway and regions of Murmansk and Arkhangelsk in Russia hold only this decade ongoing and planned investments worth of more than 100 billion euro.

The annual Arctic Business Forum introduces the latest business development and future prospects of the area forgetting not the worldwide context. The 5th Arctic Business Forum covers two days of world class presentations by invited speakers, a trade show and a high class social program in the very heart of Lapland Finland.

Welcome to explore your business potential in the North and experience an unforgettable no ordinary business event!

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