The long winter has passed, which mark a new summer is coming. Let’s see what people usually do in the summer in winter land.
Swimming in the lake
With a huge number of lakes, Finnish have lots of activities in the summer when the frozen ice on the lake surface gone. They often go swimming in the lake to reduce the hotness of the summer. Besides that, they can also go fishing, as normal, instead of ice fishing in the winter. The diversity of species of fish makes fishing become interesting more than ever.


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Hiking and trekking

Other activities that will attract you in the summer are trekking and hiking. When the ice and snow on the hill or the mountains have disappeared, the beauty of nature changed into a different beauty, people go hiking and trekking to enjoy the walk and the beauty of nature. People can also have the chance to go camping when participating in hiking. With great weather, hiking probably is a good choice for day


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Picking berries, mushroom
Another very “Finnish” activities are picking berries, mushrooms. The summer is coming, the berries are coming as well. In the forest, you can easily see berries ripe and beauty mushroom on the ground. That’s a great time of the year that you have the opportunities to pick berries and mushroom, bring it back to your house and enjoy eating. They also have a very Finnish wood mug to hold berries and mushrooms that I have mentioned in one of the blog posts before.


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