Vappu is called the spring celebration or “kevätjuhla” in Finnish because it is a sign showing that summer is coming after a long winter. The holiday occurs on the 1st of May annually. Traditionally, people dress formally such as a suit for man and dress for woman, or even colorful costumes.



The students would go out with their overall from their universities and the white hat. The white hat is given to each student when they graduated from their high schools, which is a mark that they have become adults. This hat is carefully preserved and worn every Vappu holiday.


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Usually, the family would go to the park for a picnic. They would bring the table and the linen, food from home and the champagne. On the other hands, some others may choose to have brunch in the restaurant, which mean breakfast and lunch joint in one at 12 pm. Therefore the restaurants are often full on this day, due to a large number of customers coming for Vappu Brunch ( Vapun Brunssi). The food that is consumed is usually an alcoholic beverage made by honey and water called “Sima” and the sugar-coated doughnut called “Munkki”.


( Mukki – the sugar-coated doughnut)


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Vappu is the biggest holiday of the year for students in Finnish universities. It is usually prepared in April and people drink a lot and throw the parties to celebrates the events. The 1st of May is also considered to be the International Workers’ Day ( työväenjuhla ). Come and experience the most Finnish festival!


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