It has been a week since the Northern Star Seminar 2019 was conducted, let’s throwback at the highlight activities on that day.

Northern Stars Seminar is an annual event of International Business students from Lapland UAS, which promoting the young entrepreneurship spirit and influence the youngsters to keep chasing their dream and turn it into reality. This year, the event’s topic was all about Arctic Entrepreneur. The things mentioned were such as grants, pitching, and inspiring speech. Opening speech of the Seminar from Mrs. Anzelika has motivated people with ideas about entrepreneur and she introduced the event’s plan and the special guest on that day.



The special guest that Northern Star team has invited to the event was Mr. Arturs Dutka,  the CEO of Lapin Panimo, this is a Lapland Brewery company. He told about his story and his way to the establishment of Lapin Panimo. Starting from the love with beer and at that time, not so many brands of beer that were famous and containing the characteristic of Lapland. And he started to think about another kind of beer with great features but still containing the image of the Lapland region. He studied brewing beer after coming up with the ideas, which helped his dream coming to as at that time, among the founder, no one knew how to brew beer. And afterward, he inspired us with real details on his entrepreneur story and how Lapin Panimo was developed. But the most precious part is the message that he brought to our minds; the dream should start today, not on Monday. His speech has brought the call to start action to anyone who was cherished to have their own business in the Arctic.





After the presentation of our special guest, everyone moved to room A205, where the workshop “Trust yourself” took place. It finished at 11.15 and people were out to have a lunch break. The event started again at 12:45 with four interesting workshops:” Opportunities in challenges”, “Grab a grant”, “Speed pitching” and “Go big or go home”. The event finished at about 3 p.m with joy, happiness and inspiration spread.