The cuisine is one of the most interesting parts in cultural of a region. Everyone likes food, doesn’t it? In the blog this week, I will introduce to you, some must-try foods in Lapland

Reindeer: Famous ingredient in Finland is Reindeer. It is the key component of many dishes. They served reindeer with mash potatoes or soups. They also grill it, and also made a hamburger with it, which showed the local aspect in a fast and well-known dish.



( Reindeer meat, smashed potatos and cranberry sauce. Source:

Salmon: Mentioning about Scandinavian countries, it will be an omission if we did not mention about salmon, the kind of fish with lots of nutrition and taste delicious. In Finland, they have salmon soup with a creamy soup and potatoes and salmon in that cooked with dill ( Tili ). And the other way, they will grill it. There is a restaurant in Santa Claus Village called the Santa’s Salmon place. And the grilled salmon served with bread and Finnish salad is their signature dish. The interesting point is they don’t grill it inside the oven like we did but grilling it by the fireplace nearby the table. An interesting experience.



( A meal in Santa’s Salmon place including grilled salmon, bread and Finnish salad. Source:


( The restaurant. Source:


( Finnish salmon soup. Source:

Berry: Nature has given Lapland with beautiful nature and weather. And thanks to that, the many different types of berries can grow in here. You can easily see them when you give a walk outside. And you can see different types of berries anywhere and especially in the forest. Finnish even has a wooden mug to go to the forest for picking berries, which would look great on the photo.



( Cloudberries. Source:


( Wild berries in wood mug. Source:

Lapland bread cheese: This is a signature dish of Lapland region. This cheese is round and looks like bread. This is an unusual dessert that tastes sweet and quite creamy. This desert  including grilled Lapland cheese ( Leipäjuusto ), cloudberries, mascarpone, and icing sugar. What a nice combination.



( The dessert including cheese bread, mascapone, cloudberries and icing sugar. Source: )