On Laskiainen, the second biggest event of students, I want to introduce to you guys about some sports that tourists when coming to Rovaniemi, give their love to:


In Laskiainen, beside enjoy eating Laskiaispulla with hot chocolate or hot milk, sledding is another famous winter activity. With a good sled available for variety of sizes, colors and material, go up to the hill and you’re able to start you interesting journey. Another kind of sledding that tourist companies offer for their customers are husky ride and reindeer sledding.

4136-11554976-500px-jpg-min                        (Source: https://finland.fi/life-society/sledding-the-city-slopes-in-style/)


 (Source: https://www.visitrovaniemi.fi/attraction/arctic-circle-husky-park/)

Ice skating

Skating sounds familiar to everybody with many different types of shoes and its features. Ice skating is definitely one of those. This sport is a popular one among the sports on ice. Prepare yourself with light clothes so that you can easy move, find the skate shoes that fit your feet and make you feel comfortable, wear a good helmet and step by step moving towards, you will have lots of fun.

Ice skating 2-min

(Source: https://international.rovaniemi.fi/news/Ice-skating-rink-at-Lordi%E2%80%99s-square-attracts-amateur-skaters/29656/c39c50cf-ccb7-4dfb-880a-7be2b524bdff)


Finland is said to have four seasons of skiing. Not only in autumn and winter but also up to spring and summer. The snow in Rovaniemi has not melted all until June. And even when there is no snow in Finland, some ski resort is still open to serve the endless love for skiing of people. There are about 100 ski resorts that have been established all over Finland. And one of the biggest is in here, Lapland. The Levi Ski resort is open all year around.


(Source: https://mychaletfinder.com/resorts/levi/resort-guide)


When the lake surface was covered with thick ice surface, it was time to play some interesting sports that you may not always have the chance to try it. One of them is snowmobile. Taking advantage of a large ice space with almost no obstacles, snowmobile is a sport that is very popular with tourists. This sport can also be experienced at night; however, it is not a recommendation for beginners to try it in the night time without a person can guide and help them.


(Source: https://www.laplandthemagazine.com/a-snowmobile-experience-in-rovaniemi/)

 Ice fishing 

Fishing is a familiar activity of resting and exercising their patience and when the lake surface was covered by ice, ice fishing is one of the winter activities also. Beside from the frozen lake, you just need a core dill to make a hole form fishing and a fishing gear. That’s all. Another point that you should remember when going ice fishing is to wear warm and bring your necessary things, as you’ll sit in one place for a long time.


(Source: https://idfg.idaho.gov/fish/ice-fishing)