At a place where the coldest temperature can drop down to -36 degrees Celcius, of course, the first thing you need to prepare is yourself: It’s going to be very cold sometimes (especially in late January – the beginning of February), and very dark during November-December. From January the days are longer, still, snow lasts until the end of April.

When you are ready to take the journey, you’re welcomed to have a look at this entry 😉

Wool socks: These buddies bring extreme warmth to your feet. Mostly every person living in Finnish Lapland owns at least a pair. These are for all genders and all ages. When playing winter sports, wool socks are usually worn in order to prevent the scratches from intensive movements.


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Vitamin D: Located just 8km from the Arctic circle, Rovaniemi barely has any sunlight in December. Near the winter solstice day, there are only less than 2 hours of dim light. Thus, your body will call for proper vitamin D supplies since the sun is taking a rest. Vitamin D pills are sold in the markets and pharmacies with several types and flavors. If you are a student at Lapland UAS, our nurse can help consult about the most suitable vitamin D you should take. If you are not, the pharmacists in Rovaniemi are pleased to help you.




Reflectors: The darkness and white snow scene somewhat bother the drivers. Furthermore, people often wear dark-color coats so it looks like the person walking and the road are one. Reflectors are small items that bright up itself, which are highly recommended by everyone. This little friend has various shapes, themes, and colors, from the cute Moomin to the Finnish flag, etc. Wear the reflectors at visible places so that they when they light up in the dark, the vehicles can identify you to avoid pitiful accidents.



Source: // By the way ”MOI” means hello in Finnish :)

A portable Charger: If your phone has less than 50% battery, you are outside, and the temperature is below 0 degrees Celcius – your phone is likely going to switch itself off. Or the battery percentage is going to drop significantly and for a few minutes after, your phone will shut down too. A portable charger is a way to save your phone, but if possible, store it in a warm place so the battery doesn’t become flat.


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A parka: Without an appropriate coat, you can’t make it safe and sound in Finnish Lapland. The parka is a kind of down jacket, it can protect you from harsh winds and low temperature. A waterproof parka is recommended if you don’t want to get wet every time going out.




Scarf: To protect your neck, this body part is often left exposed and as mentioned before, winds here are not mild.




Beanie – to protect your head and ears. Once your head and ears get cold, it’s hard to think of anything else. So keeping them warm is crucial.






Boots: So as not to freeze, waterproof boots are very important to keep your feet dry. Boots with fur inside are preferred in this area.




Gloves are also used with a similar motive, which is to keep your hands dry and warm, therefore, it is better to wear waterproof gloves.




Moisturizers: The weather is dry and cold at the same time during Lappish winter. If the chapped lips and damaged skin are not the results you would like to see, please always have a lipbalm and a moisturizer with you when you arrive here. Low humidity can be extremely annoying, your skin can end up falling apart if you don’t apply moisturizer consistently.