Remembering IBL projects

The latest InnoBarents Lab project, the Arctic Business Network, has been a huge success. However, we should not forget all those ones that set the path and started everything.

Here is a throwback to some of those projects that have made of the InnoBarents Lab an incredible project-learning platform for students.

Northern Stars Seminar

The Northern Stars Seminar has been one of the most significant events for the InnoBarents Lab. Being an annual event since 2014, the Northern Stars Seminar’s vision has been “supporting international youth entrepreneurship in the Arctic, by providing inspiration and encouragement for students, existing or aspiring entrepreneurs to establish their businesses in the Arctic and to put their efforts into developing the future of the Arctic”.

This event, organised by Lapland UAS students, gathers some of the best business experts in the Arctic Region to share with the audience their success and failure experiences and give valuable insights on Arctic relevant topics. In this year’s edition, Heikki Autto, Chairman of the Rovaniemi City Council, or Martin Scott, Head of European Innovation Management, were some of the participants.

The Northern Stars Seminar is also free of charge and held in English normally around the month of April.




Multicultural Fair Event

The Multicultural Fair is also an annual event held at the end of November in the Lapland UAS’ Rantavitikka campus. Organised by International Business Degree Program first-year students, this project’s aim is to cross borders and promote the interaction and networking within different cultures by setting up stands where students explain interesting facts about their culture to the visitors.


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Photo provided by Halsey Nguyen


Give Back to Finland

This is one of an older IBL project, but one of the most important for the community. Give Back to Finland meant to encourage foreign students in the Rovaniemi area to give back to the community through volunteerıng and to promote social interaction between foreigners and locals. In 2015, this project’s focus was organising entertaining activities for the elderly, while in 2016 were kindergartens.