3 skills that you improve when being part of the InnoBarents Lab

The InnoBarents Lab gives you the opportunity, as a student, of putting in practice all that knowledge learned in the classroom in a safe and supportive environment, where failure is just another part of the learning process, before stepping into the fast-paced professional world. Here are some of the skills you can develop and improve while working in the IBL.

Cross-cultural skills

The most important when working in an international environment is to learn to work with people with a different cultural background. In the InnoBarents Lab you will have the opportunity to engage with people from all around the world, learn about their culture, learn how they work and how to overcome cultural shock at the same time that you network and make friends for life.


Project management

During your studies, you will have multiple courses where you will learn the theory about project management. However, if you want to put that theory in practice and learn how to manage a project for real, there is no better way than experiencing real-life projects. It can be one of the many projects the lab runs or even your own if you have been thinking about something in your head for a while, the choice is yours.



If project management is not your thing, the IBL still needs a hand when it comes to making people know about what is going on within the lab. Promoting the ongoing and future projects, as well as remembering previous ones that the InnoBarents has taken part in through online and offline channels can be a good way to put in practice your marketing skills.