“In Lapland UAS real-life projects do not end where the school curriculum does”

If you thought that the InnoBarents Lab was a strictly business degree-orientated platform, this story will show you otherwise. Nero is a tourism degree student from Vietnam who is now in his third year at Lapland UAS. He tells us about how is to study in the MTI campus in Rovaniemi and his experience in participating in IBL projects and other events during his tourism studies.

How would you describe the Lapland UAS teaching methods?

In school, the independent work and independent problem-solving skills are really important. Basic knowledge about specific problems and related interesting examples from all around the world are always handed to you at first as tools. Then, you are often asked to solve these problems theoretically or to do some practical work such as creating events or help a business to solve them. After this, during and after work, reports are submitted and then you are evaluated at the end based on these. Even though, this independence might scare some away, do not be, teachers are always there to guide you and support you and so are your teammates.

How does Lapland UAS labs promote real-life projects for students to get involved in?

Real-life projects do not end where the school curriculum does. You do not only have the freedom to create your own, but also the opportunity to join others within the InnoBarents Lab, where you have the chance of challenging yourself by doing big things from establishing local events to participate in international events. As a bonus, you can also transfer your working hours to your curricula and earn practical training credits. In my case, I participated in the Give Back to Finland Kids project, which aim was to promote social interaction between foreigners and locals in Finland and to encourage them to volunteer and give back to the community. Also, this year I have been manager in the Fall Into Winter Gala organised by the DPT third-year students.

What was the best out of being part of these real-life projects?

The best part of it is that sometimes you can have the chance of working in amazing events such as car racing, horse or reindeer racing events, and many more if either you or teacher know that there are vacancies and you prove to be interested and active, which could not be a better experience.

What impact has had your work in the lab in your studies and your life in general?

For me, it has broadened my view about what should be considered or taken into account when you want to create a project or establish a business. Moreover, I am also more aware of the Finnish system and the obstacles as well as the opportunities that Lapland presents tourism and business wise.

In conclusion, when you study here, you can learn to work independently and confidently through time but the answer to the question of how long does it take it is only up to you. Do not be scared though of taking the risk. You will not regret it.