How can I get involved in the InnoBarents Lab?

It is possible that you have already heard about the InnoBarents Lab, maybe you have even made the decision of joining this amazing adventure. However, you are still wondering how can you contribute. Here are some examples of how students have been involved in the IBL during their education.


Event planning is not an easy task and students that have participated in this type of project know this well. However, organising a seminar is one of the most versatile projects you can be involved in. Working in funding and sponsorship, contacting possible speakers or marketing the event in offline and online media are some of the tasks that you can choose from to develop while working in an IBL organised seminar. The most important seminar event for IBL has been the Northern Stars Seminar, an annual event that promotes international entrepreneurship in the Arctic among students since 2014.

Summer school

The School of Business and Culture organises a multidisciplinary Arctic Summer School every year during the month of August where international students are welcome to participate in face-to-face lectures and fieldwork and project activities that will help them to discover the Arctic from different perspectives. As a Lapland UAS student, you cannot only participate in the Arctic Summer School lessons yourself but also participate in the organisation part of this event. Ask how can you help or tell what help can you offer so you can get the best out of organising this kind of project.



If marketing is your thing, the InnoBarents Lab needs everyone to know about its current and future projects, opportunities and other interesting curiosities about studying in Lapland. Writing blog posts, managing the IBL webpage and social media profiles and creating other types of new content will be among your tasks if you decide to go this way. You can check IBL’s Instagram account here, you might already have some ideas for it!

Other projects

Still not your thing? No worries. During the years, students have often come up with their own ideas, ideas that ended up in amazing projects. Some of those have been the Northern Stars Pitching Event in 2017, an event where young people pitched their business ideas to a jury consisting of experts from different fields, or the Arctic Business Network, which main goal is to provide students with jobs and opportunities to work doing that bridging the gap between students and companies to socialised and network with each other in a relaxed environment, that will take place on November 29 this year. Don’t forget, your idea can be the next IBL project!