4 reasons why you should be involved in the InnoBarents Lab as a Lapland UAS student

With studying an International Business degree comes a lot of theoretical knowledge, projects, teamwork and the most international working environment you have probably found yourself in yet. Even though all these will contribute beneficially to your future career, there is still more that being involved in the InnoBarents Lab can bring to your professional experience even before stepping into the working life. Here are some of the bonuses you can get when you join the IBL.



Practical knowledge
Teachers will provide you with essential theoretical knowledge related to marketing, project management or finance among others. However, this knowledge is as twice as valuable when you have the opportunity to put it in practice. InnoBarents Lab’s projects offer the possibility of working on the knowledge you have learned in the class through real practice.

Real life experiences
Especially during the first stage of your studies, you have probably been involved in projects where the goal was to set up a new company that only existed on paper or to plan an innovative project that would never take place as a practice for your future advanced courses. But if you are someone who is already prepared to work in projects outside the classroom, in the IBL you will have the chance to work in real-life projects that will teach you the professional ways while you are still studying.

Establishing connections is vital in the business world. Being involved in the InnoBarents Lab might be the first step to building your own international network. However, this network does not have to mean only future business opportunities, but also friends for life all around the globe.

Have fun!
Because, at the end of the day, this is what matters the most.