“This internship is something I will remember as the first step in my career”

Working in InnoBarents Lab projects during their studies has encouraged many students to pursue new international experiences. Anh Nguyen is a third-year International Business student from Vietnam who tells us about her summer internship and how working in real-life projects during her studies has helped her with her training.

Where did you do your internship and in what position? Which ones were your main tasks?

Last June I moved to Tallinn, Estonia to do my training as an office assistant. As it was a really small company I was working for, the tasks used to vary from day to day and soon I had to learn to do pretty much everything as my help might be needed in any moment in any kind of task. However, my main responsibility and field of study was market researching and database management.

How would you describe your internship experience?

This experience overall was something that I will always cherish, not only because I have learned about the daily management issues of a real-life business, but also because it has been my first introduction to the job market. In the process of getting used to a new situation, there has definitely been ups and downs, but this internship is something I will remember as the first step in my career.

Which projects were you involved during your studies? What was the best out of being part of these real-life projects? How has your experience working in real-life projects in the IBL helped with your internship?

The most important project that I participated in during my studies was Northern Stars Pitching 2018. The best part of participating in this kind of projects is that you get to work with people from different backgrounds and with very different working patterns and learn about them. This has definitely been helpful to avoid a cultural shock during my internship.

Any advice for new students?

The best advice I have for them is that they are active and say yes to every opportunity that they think is going to be beneficial, not only for their future career but also for their personal growth.