Autumn Flea Market 2016

InnoBarentsLab started this Autumn semester with the Flea Market project. Aiming to create a chance for new students (both full-time and exchange) to buy necessary items in their stays as well as the chance for senior students to sell their unused things, IBL offered selling stands to all students and staffs in Rovaniemi. Took place in the main lobby, Jokivayla campus on Saturday 17th September, 2016, the Autumn Flea Market was organized from 10 am until 2 pm with the help of many new IBL members.


It started with IBL brownies preparation a day before the Flea Market. Once again, teamworking made it possible: several fluffy chocolate brownies soaked in coffee syrup and coated with sugar flakes/small icings were made.

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There were 6 sellers in the Flea Market along with IBL. There were many items sold on the day, from households, kitchenware, to clothes, and accessories. IBL offered sweet brownies and hot tea/coffee to all participants with good prices and we also had beautiful postcards and magnets from Mimosa Arctica Oy.


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The Autumn Flea Market was a small event and though we did not hit the number of people we had expected to, it was still a success for us as more students are now aware with it and hoped that IBL can continue with the event in the end of this semester once more.



Author: An Tran