IBL at Fläsh

On Friday, 28.2.2014 there was a great youth entrepreneurship happening in Rovaniemi, called Fläsh. It lasted whole day, from 9.30 until 15.30 pm, where InnoBarentsLab group and Innovative Business students took part. Event was mainly in Finnish language, which was nice for our international students, because they had a possibility to network with Finns and the same time share information about Young Innovative Entrepreneur project.

During the event we had our YIE and IBL stand, which more than 400 participants were able to visit and get more detailed information about Young Innovative Entrepreneur project InnoBarentsLab activities.

In the Fläsh event there was a possibility to listen to different entrepreneurs´ presentations. They presented their failure and success stories. All speakers have the same key to that- it is lifestyle for them and even working life is hard, they do not for give up. Between the speeches there was a possibility to network with other entrepreneurs. The entire event was energized by dance performance from Flamenco Ártico where teachers are InnoBarentsLab students Anu and Heli Huhanantti. The flash of the day was last speaker – a popular Finnish media person Arman Alizad. Arman Alizad has got his popularity through his TV-show which is currently airing in over 100 countries around the world and he shared with us the challenges of the road to the top.

Conclusions about the day are positive, the day awarded us with new experience, the program was useful for entrepreneurship networking and popularizing YIE and IBL project. 


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