Expecting the Unexpected

Barents Sea Youth Conference

Hammerfest Norway April 2.-4. 2014

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The adventure to the world’s northernmost city Hammerfest Norway started with a bang as InnoBarentsLab’s travellers Samir, Roni and Annika packed themselves snug into a minivan with 6 other people and said ”Andale!”. Bravely we set to face the unknown ready to take the engineer-dominated conference by storm.

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Joining us at the Barents Sea Conference we had engineer students from Norway and Sweden and students from the Technical Institute in Murmansk. Present were also some journalism students from Oslo and entrepreneurs. An interesting variety of people guaranteed only good can come from it when several different occupational mindsets come together and concoct plans together.

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At the conference we enjoyed a workshop where we were in smaller groups given free hands to investigate and present 2 cases about traditional and alternative energy sources in Hammerfest and opportunities in the local industries. My team decided to present Arctic issues now and in the future through a flashy headlines in a tabloid/ newspaper type of format.

As an IBS student the team work was routinely, yet it was interesting to interact with people who are more accustomed to working in a different setting than problem based learning. A bit like taking a trip down memory lane to first year’s basic studies. Very rewarding to notice how much we have learnt since then.

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All in all an we had at BSYC an interesting workshop with a lot of new info, and opportunities for new contacts.

For example Trainee Finnamrk program offers help with finding jobs, internships and housing for professionals from abroad when they move to Hammerfest for work.

(More info at http://www.traineefinnmark.no/in-english-2/)

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Traveling to conferences is a great way to get more comfortable with networking (very important skill in working life) and learning to work with people you have only just met.

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And by the way, you do not even realize how stable the weather is in Rovaniemi until you get to the Barents Sea coast. When we arrived in Hammerfest (after being stuck on the road for 2 hours because a tunnel was closed) we quickly discovered the weather changes at least 7 times a day over there. Like weather on steroids. Never a dull moment with uber-fun Norwegians either!

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