Working together

My tune of the day:

IMG_8436The outer wall of our house has been under construction for a week now, and it just struck me in a very concrete way how

thinking and planning seems a lesser job next to building at least when these different types of work are going on within 5 meters of each other.

For example, the past week I have been doing mainly thinking, reading, knitting and writing while the construction guys start banging and sawing on my wall at 7.30am. The banging and noise itself doesn’t bother me, but I feel so silly sitting inside on the computer or sipping tea and writing while they are doing something so veryvery concrete.


That lead me to thinking about teamwork, as it is the topic of day and team work is used in almost every school class. Team work and the way people work together or more importantly watch each other work has massive impact on working morale. It is maybe more exposed in a school setting, because people tend to talk more openly to each other.

When team work is clicking and people are motivated and driven, we all know how great it feels. At best, you get a lot of energy from your team mates, and it motivates

everyone further. It’s a positive motion that cannot be stopped!

Having a sense of purpose is what means the most in any kind of work.

In the middle of such a cloudy winter month I encourage everyone to find their own sense of meaning and purpose in everything they do! It has a positive impact on everyone around you.

Canned Heat said it best in the 60s 😉


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