IBL student leader of 2014

Let this be my first blog post from IBL!! Playing right now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XleaVcy4he8

I recently Googled myself out of curiosity and surprisingly found the YIE blog (http://yieproject.blogspot.fi/p/yie-finland.html)

This is how I described myself there last November right along with a spiffy selfie taken at Kilpisjärvi last summer:

Annika Konttaniemi:

“I’m a last minute attendee of the YIE’s conference in Kirkenes. I have two interests in my professional life right now: handmade knit design + project work. I am a graduated MA (2009) from the University of Lapland and started last year to study at Innovative Business Services, because I have interests in project management and how to run a business from the human aspect (HRM). I have some business background as well, I previously co-owned a yarn shop in Rovaniemi, which main focus was on natural materials and original designs + knitting courses. Firsthand I am and always will be a craftsman producing new original designs for daily life and outdoor conditions, everything by hand and natural materials. I am looking to network with other like-minded people in northern Norway.”

Well, this is how I am more likely looking like when doing ” handmade knit design”:


That introduction covers my interests quite well, despite the slight sugar icing I do try to keep reinventing and developing my own talents as much as I can. I encourage everyone to do the same!

I started my business studies at IBS in 2012. I have had to pace my studies with the challenges of everyday life and part time jobs, and hope to graduate by spring 2015.

With IBL I hope to introduce more of the innovation aspect in an enterpriser’s mind. Stay tuned, and promise me You’ll try something new everyday, however small it might be!!

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