Summer activities in Finland

The long winter has passed, which mark a new summer is coming. Let’s see what people usually do in the summer in winter land. Swimming in the lake With a huge number of lakes, Finnish have lots of activities in the summer when the frozen ice on the lake surface gone. They often go swimming in the lake to reduce the hotness of the summer. Besides that, they can also go fishing, as normal, instead of ice fishing in the winter. The diversity of species of fish makes fishing become interesting more than…Read more

Let’s learn about the Finnish national holiday Vappu

Vappu is called the spring celebration or “kevätjuhla” in Finnish because it is a sign showing that summer is coming after a long winter. The holiday occurs on the 1st of May annually. Traditionally, people dress formally such as a suit for man and dress for woman, or even colorful costumes. (Source: The students would go out with their overall from their universities and the white hat. The white hat is given to each student when they graduated from their high schools, which is a mark that they have become adults. This hat…Read more

Midnight Sun in Rovaniemi

The Midnight sun is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the north pole within Arctic Circle. This phenomenon occurred during the summer months in Rovaniemi. The midnight sun is referred to the day that sun visible all day and did not rest. ( Sunset at 10 PM due to Midnight sun  ) Midnight sun creates white night, which is a commonly known term in Saint. Petersburg, Russia, and this occurrence happens as well in the north of the Arctic Circle and the South of the Antarctic Circle. This phenomenon lasts for nearly a…Read more

Northern stars seminar 2019’s highlights.

It has been a week since the Northern Star Seminar 2019 was conducted, let's throwback at the highlight activities on that day. Northern Stars Seminar is an annual event of International Business students from Lapland UAS, which promoting the young entrepreneurship spirit and influence the youngsters to keep chasing their dream and turn it into reality. This year, the event’s topic was all about Arctic Entrepreneur. The things mentioned were such as grants, pitching, and inspiring speech. Opening speech of the Seminar from Mrs. Anzelika has motivated people with ideas about entrepreneur and…Read more

Finnish cuisine: Must-try food in Lapland

The cuisine is one of the most interesting parts in cultural of a region. Everyone likes food, doesn’t it? In the blog this week, I will introduce to you, some must-try foods in Lapland Reindeer: Famous ingredient in Finland is Reindeer. It is the key component of many dishes. They served reindeer with mash potatoes or soups. They also grill it, and also made a hamburger with it, which showed the local aspect in a fast and well-known dish.   ( Reindeer meat, smashed potatos and cranberry sauce. Source: Salmon: Mentioning about Scandinavian…Read more

Arctic design week 2019: Midweek festival (Keskiviikko karnevaali)

The Midweek festival occurred on 20th March 2019 at Sampokeskus shopping center and Lordi square right outside of it. The event is a part of the Arctic Design Week 2019, organized by Lapland UAS DPT16 students, thus English language was also widely spoken at the program. Together with a few interesting game stands, there were several rounds of lottery tickets to award the selected gifts to the winners. Handicrafts were sold at Sampokeskus. ("What is in the box" game) ( Face painting ) ( The guitar performance ) ( A prize from the…Read more

Arctic Design Week

Arctic Design Week is an annual event which was organized by the City of Rovaniemi, Rovaniemi Regional Development Agency, The University of Lapland Faculty of Art and Design, and various business partners. The first event was held in 2009 to demonstrate the lasted Design in the Arctic. By introducing the exhibition, holding conferences and special events, innovations in Artic has widespread to everyone. Source: World Design Week Started from 2009, Arctic Design Week has known as one of the most vital events in the Arctic region. The 7-day event in March displays several…Read more

Sports that you should try when you are in Lapland

On Laskiainen, the second biggest event of students, I want to introduce to you guys about some sports that tourists when coming to Rovaniemi, give their love to: Sledding In Laskiainen, beside enjoy eating Laskiaispulla with hot chocolate or hot milk, sledding is another famous winter activity. With a good sled available for variety of sizes, colors and material, go up to the hill and you’re able to start you interesting journey. Another kind of sledding that tourist companies offer for their customers are husky ride and reindeer sledding.        …Read more

10 survival items in Finnish Lapland’s winter

At a place where the coldest temperature can drop down to -36 degrees Celcius, of course, the first thing you need to prepare is yourself: It’s going to be very cold sometimes (especially in late January – the beginning of February), and very dark during November-December. From January the days are longer, still, snow lasts until the end of April. When you are ready to take the journey, you’re welcomed to have a look at this entry 😉 Wool socks: These buddies bring extreme warmth to your feet. Mostly every person living in…Read more
Remembering IBL projects

Remembering IBL projects

The latest InnoBarents Lab project, the Arctic Business Network, has been a huge success. However, we should not forget all those ones that set the path and started everything. Here is a throwback to some of those projects that have made of the InnoBarents Lab an incredible project-learning platform for students. Northern Stars Seminar The Northern Stars Seminar has been one of the most significant events for the InnoBarents Lab. Being an annual event since 2014, the Northern Stars Seminar’s vision has been “supporting international youth entrepreneurship in the Arctic, by providing inspiration…Read more